Monday, May 9, 2011

Shiloh: Our May Catahoula

When we walked through the shelter, honestly, we had our hearts set on a german shepherd. But when we saw Shiloh, at first we were drawn to her beautiful coat, then to those beautiful mismatched eyes. When we asked, we were informed she was an Australian Shepherd X Yellow Lab, she had been dropped off at the shelter when she was 2 months old, and when we came along she was now 6 months old. We fell so madly in love with her and adopted her and brought her home. 12 hours later, we learned she was deaf. I came home from dropping my son at school and my husband to work. She was asleep in the living room and never heard me come in or call her name. After some research and talking to some friends, I contacted some local Catahoula breeders and sent them Shiloh's pictures and in their oppinion, if she was not PURE blooded catahoula, she was at the very least HALF with Catahoula showing as the dominant gene.
She is now 9 months old, knows almost 30 signs, and has even saved my son's life. We went to a dog park to allow Shiloh to run free for a change and interract with other dogs. A stray came out of no where and tackled my son to the ground and started shredding his jacket. Before I could even react, Shiloh came at the other dog and knocked him off of my son and stood over him like a protective mother guarding her pup. She is also a master at keeping the racoons and squirrels at bay. A true catahoula through and through. I could not ask for a better dog and I dont think I will ever own another breed.
Getting a dog from a reputable breeder is all fine and good, but there are dogs in shelters, cast aside because they cant hear or see. Dogs like Shiloh. Dogs that can do any thing any other dog can do, they just need love and encouragment.
Sarah, proud Catahoula owner

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