Monday, April 4, 2011

April Catahoula: It's no joke: Otis

This is what Amy, Otis owner, had to say about him:

This is Otis our Catahoula. We rescued him 3 years ago. When he came to us he was 8 months old and only 32 pounds! He is now almost 70 pounds! He is a double merle so he is completely deaf and sees approx 20% from one eye. If it is very sunny outside he almost completely looses all sight. He is an excellent guard dog when it comes to protecting his family from reflections and spots of light LOL. He is spoiled beyond rotten and is the best buddy to our 9 month old son. He is so gentle and will let our son do anything to him. He is a wonderful guy and we love him dearly!

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