Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darla: March Catahoula

This is what Darla's owners had to say about her:
This is my catahoula Darla she was rescued when I worked for a veternarian office. A man had brought her in to put her down because she had a broken leg. She was only 10 months old and on the table with the serum drawn up to put her down and I came in the room and said stop I will take her. She is a wonderful dog she loves to swim at the beach as you can see the picture. She swims and whines the whole time. She is the love of my life of course next to my husband Kevin.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miles: In Memory of a Special Catahoula

This is what Emma had to say about her Miles:
My husband and I got Miles from the Hawaiian Humane Society in August 2006. At the time he was estimated to be two years old and had been returned twice. He had been at the Humane Society for over six months. Everyone else's loss was our gain because he was the most wonderful dog we could have ever asked for. His favourite hobbies included eating freshly baked cookies off the table, licking people's faces for as long as they could handle it, and playing with a hamburger squeaky toy. One of Miles nicknames was Cthulhu Hound, for his ability to get into and destroy things in ways we didn't think were possible. His tail would wag so hard it could leave bruises on legs and destroy glass. Unfortunately he became ill April of this year from what was initally thought to be cancer. After surgery and biopsies it turned out not to be cancer but before we could figure out what was wrong he passed away.