Sunday, February 13, 2011

Annika: Our Valentine's Girl

This is what her owner Kevin had to say about his Annika:

"Sweet girl who is always looking to be loved. We got her from a breeder in TN at 9 months old. Apparently, the previous owner bought her to use her for hunting. After trying for several months to get her to hunt, which apprently, she didn't enjoy the guns, the previous owner called the breeder and said if she didn't take her back, he was going to shot her. The day my wife and I went to see her, she was very skinny and as you can imagine, very wary of males. She warmed up to my wife immediatly, in fact never left her side the whole time we visited. Of course, we had to have her. We brought her home and after many weeks of working with her to gain trust, she became our loving, sweet, protective 75 pound Houla.

Great breed and couldn't be happier."

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